Ways to Kill Fleas and Ticks on Dogs

2 dogs playingFlea season may be a nightmare not only for your dog but also for you especially when you are unaware how to get rid of such small creatures. In the home there are certainly some spots that remain warm throughout the year and become the most favorable one for the growth of fleas. But there are some suggestions and ways in order to cop up this alarming situation.

Washing the dog with flea and ticks shampoo:

Normal dog shampoos as well as dish detergent are considered effective when your dog is having fleas. But if the situation is rather more tough with ticks as well a special ticks and fleas shampoo should be used.

  • Before using the shampoo read the instructions carefully that are mentioned on the bottle.
  • Soak the dog in warm water and start rubbing the fur of the dog with the special flea shampoo.
  • The flea and ticks shampoo usually contains a sort of chemical named pyrethrins which is used to kill the insects like fleas.
  • It is also recommended to use gloves before starting the whole procedure as some chemicals may also irritate your hands.

Using a flea spray:

Such sprays to cop up with ticks and fleas are available in both pump and aerosol bottle forms.

  • For best results select the spray that contains an adulticide as well as insect growth regulator. By this you can kill both the fleas and their eggs.
  • For proper usage take help from the instruction given on the product. You may also take suggestions from the vet.
  • While spraying be careful that it should not get into the eyes of the dog.
  • Spray in a well ventilated area
  • It is also important to protect yourself in this process and for this you have to wear gloves
  • When spraying near sensitive areas like mouth, eyes, nose etc. don’t spray directly. But spray on your glove and rub it on the particular area.

cartoon flea powder!Using a flea powder:

Flea powder is a common product for killing the insects of dogs. It can be used without a specific prescription of a vet and is easily available in the market. It works in the same manner as the spray does.

  • Read the instructions carefully mentioned on the label of the product. You may ask the vet if anything is found vague or uncertain.
  • Normally dusting a fine layer over the coat of the dog is considered enough but it is important to know that it is required to apply the powder over and over again to get rid of the problem.
  • Apply the powder on the skin of the dog ad not on the fur merely.
  • Begin dusting the powder from head and work back towards tail.
  • Powder should also be sprinkled on the bedding of the dog.
  • Repeat the process once in a week or as directed by the vet.

Preparing medicated dip:

The dip is also known as medicated bath. It is not a spot treatment. Dip the whole body in the solution and rinse thoroughly. Try the process in a ventilated place


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Identifying and Killing Fleas on Your Cats

Cats look beautiful in the home but the situation becomes alarming when you see your cat scratching more than normal. They may have little creatures crawling in their fur. If this is the scene, the fleas and ticks are most likely in your home too. These parasites feed on blood and are able to transmit dangerous diseases to cats as well as humans.

cat rolling around to scratch flea bites·        Learn what fleas look like

It is a common perception that the little creatures, fleas are microscopic bodies. But this is not true you can observe them without using a magnifying glass, though they are very small in size.

  • Fleas are about 1/8 inch in length.
  • They don’t have wings even then they can jump very high.
  • Fleas are reddish brown color

·        Observing signs of fleas on the cat

Let check your cat for fleas and ticks. Start combing the cat from back to front with a fine-toothed comb. Check the skin of your cat for flea bite. As the fleas feed on blood their bites an easily be see on the skin with red broken sign o the skin. If you observe keenly you may also find poop and dirt of fur of the animal. This dirt of the insect will be reddish brown as it is made of the digested blood. So the signs of the bites and finding poop and dirt both are solid clues that confirm the presence of fleas.

If still you are not sure whether your cat has fleas or not, take her to a vet.

·        Take your cat to the vet

Let the veterinarian examine the cat. He will tell you the severity of insect level in your cat. After examining the cat he will suggest some safe and effective product. Fleas’ treatment products can also be purchased from the vet directly. The infected cat can be treated with spot-on as well as oral medications.

In order to be at the safe side let the vet know if there are any children or pregnant woman in your house. It is important when prescribing medication that is safest for everyone including the pet.

·        Choosing the spot-on medication

In the topical fleas treatment you may have several options. A number of monthly treatments can be used year round confirming the product is exclusively for cats and not for dogs. The cats can get sick or even die if treated with medication specific for dogs. Special care is taken while applying the spot-on medication. Make sure the medicine is applied on the skin and not o the fur.

·        Choosing the oral flea medication

If you are sure that your cat is having only fleas and the ticks, you can treat her with pills. Oral products prove good as they react quickly without leaving any harmful residue on the fur of the cat. Such medicines are available through vet only and sometimes be used year round as a precautionary measure.

Whatever the treatment method you are going to adopt, first read the instructions carefully.

Here’s a funny itchy cat video for your enjoyment!

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Preventative flea remedies in dogs

Dog are a popular and common pet and every one of us love to keep a dog in the home no matter for what reason. Pets require our attention and care. Dogs may suffer with a very common problem of fleas and ticks. Therefore it is important to keep your dog safe from such insects as such insects can also harm you as well. So follow some simple remedies given below:

Dog lying on the groundApplying monthly topical:

The most popular as well as most effective preventative flea medication for the dogs is the monthly topical treatments.

  • First of all you will require a vet’s prescription for most of the spot-on or a topical treatment.
  • Apply a pre measured or a little amount of flea medication vial where it is required.
  • Be sure that the application is done on the skin and not on the coat of dog.
  • This medication is usually remains valid for one month, means it resist against the fleas and kills them for about a month.
  • Some specific medications also do well against the eggs but not all the products are active for this reason.

Feeding monthly flea tablet:

The monthly flea pills that are administered to the dog on monthly basis can be asked to some veterinarian.

  • Such pills are usually given once in a month during meal.
  • The dosage is recommended by the professional o the basis of dog’s weight.
  • Bite of a female flea to the dog ingests a chemical named lufeuron. This prevents the eggs from hatching.

A quick note on a new tablet that came to market recently…Merial Nexgard Chewables came on the market recently, and I’m hearing lots of good things, since they are the only chewable that deals with both fleas AND ticks! The only other option that addresses both pests are topicals….anyway, be sure to check them out.

Natural flea treatments:

  • Shower your dog with dish detergent in routine especially after an outdoor exposure
  • The detergent should be free of added dyes as well as perfumes. Sensitive skins should also be kept in mind.
  • Lather and rinse your dog once in a week.

Picture of a flan on the skin...gross!Using special flea comb:

You can easily get a special flea comb available from the market. But be careful about the selection of the comb; it should be fine toothed.



  • The fleas comb lifts out the fleas physically from the dog’s coat.
  • Comb the dog from top to bottom direction.
  • Make sure the comb reaches to the skin of the dog.
  • Once you remove and kill a flea dip the comb immediately in the warm and soapy water.

Through these easy remedies you can prevent fleas and ticks from your dog.

Here’s a (semi) funny dog video for your amusement!

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Natural treatments to avoid fleas and ticks from dogs

watch out for ticks and fleas!There are lots of remedies that can save your dog from the problem of fleas and ticks and their bites. You can take them to the vet for a thorough checkup or can sprinkle some medicated flea powder yourself. Washing the pet regularly with dish detergent is also a use remedy. Some people feed their dogs with special pills in their meal once in a month. Flea sprays are also considered a good choice in killing the fleas of dogs. But here we are discussing some natural home remedies that can be very effective in killing and preventing the fleas.

Trying lemon juice:

Apply diluted lemon juice on the fur of the dog as it help killing the fleas. But keep in mind the lemon juice may not over dry the skin of your pet.

  • Mix warm water and lemon juice in equal ratio
  • Let the mixture steep overnight or for at least eight hours before you strain it in a bowl.
  • Now soak the brush or comb of the dog in this mixture and comb the skin and fur of the dog thoroughly.
  • Repeat the process before every stroke
  • You can repeat the procedure for three consecutive days

Treating with apple cider vinegar:

The apple cider is a very effective remedy that is given topically to the dog.

  • Take a spray bottle and fill it with warm water and apple cider vinegar in equal ratio.
  • Spray thoroughly on the coat of the dog especially in the hidden areas like behind the ears, under the legs and at the base of the tail.
  • If you observe some negative reaction or some unusual thing on the skin of the dog quit the treatment immediately.

Trying the brewer’s yeast:

Brewer’s yeast is said to be a natural preventative treatment and is considered as a good alternative to harsh chemical remedies.

  • Just add a tablet of brewer’s yeast in the meal of your dog every day or two.
  • Ask your vet to recommend the right dosage.
  • This product seeps into the skin of dog and the gets excreted from its pores. And in this way the skin becomes unfavorable for the fleas.

Rosemary flea dip:

Though the remedy is not scientifically proven, yet bears some anecdotal evidence that it can repel the fleas. The remedy is prepared with boiled water and used after the water becomes normal.



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Benefits of Adopting Pet

There’re many cats and dogs that sit in the shelters waiting for person to come and take them to your home. Many more are euthanized because of lack of space and funding in shelter every year. Whereas lots of people might feel that pure bred animal having papers is an only way of getting the good cat or dog, it is totally untrue. There’re many deserving animals that want the family and home. Whereas it might seem that there’re some disadvantages of adopting the pet from the shelter, benefits far outweigh any kind of negatives in adopting the animal.

The biggest advantages of adopting the shelter animal is fee of adopting a pet is less than anything the breeder and pet store can charge. Lots of shelters give pets for the minimal fees to facilitate the adoption. Additionally, animals can generally come with microchip imbedded and have been altered. Both of these are 2 costs that new owner won’t need to incur just after taking the dog home. The pets from the shelters come with their shots as well as are de-wormed, and something that cannot be said for the pet shop animals. One huge advantage of adopting pet from shelter is mature animals are accessible. By adopting mature pet, family does not need to go through very destructive phase of the chewing and housebreaking, in a lot of cases. One benefit is that dog and cat is grown full. If family has got limited space accessible, it’s good idea of adopting full grown pet instead puppy because dog will not grow anymore. Dog and cat’s temperament is already known at time of the adoption. It is important, mainly for the people who can have the dog and cat around kids a lot.

There’s the theory that rescued animal feels very much gratitude to be removed from shelter by the new family they try and express this by pleasing family more. For the animal lovers, adopting pet helps in correcting problem of the pet overpopulation. Buying puppy and kitten from pet store and breeder contributes to problems of the overpopulation. As per current statistics, over 8 million cats and dogs are dropped off 5,000 animal shelters every year. So, around half of these are euthanized, thus when you choose to adopt dog instead buy 1 from pet shop and breeder, you have done wonderful humanitarian effort. As people normally have got no knowledge of animals pasts, selecting and caring for adopted dog is difficult. In order, to help with the process we have compiled the list of four important items to think while adopting the dog from shelter to insure many lives are been spared and keeping new relationship trouble free:

In case possible, think of adopting older animal instead younger one. The older dogs are less likely to get adopted and always face the grim fate while picked up at the shelter. They as well tend to make best pets, and allowing the owners to skip on teething & tearing of the puppies

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Is It Worth To Adopt the Pet?

With a lot of pets filling up the animal shelters, the pet adoption is one good choice to consider while choosing the new pet. Every year over nine million dogs and cats are sent to the animal shelters & around 4.5million are euthanized. It is sad statistic that needs to be changed. There’re a lot of myths about the adoption. Contrary to the popular belief, most of the animal shelters have the healthy animals. Not just that, however animal shelters have got information on the vaccinations as well as previous owners recorded & available for anybody who wants to adopt a pet. Animal shelters also will spay and neuter pets before the adoption or administer other medical treatment as required.

Many benefits can result from the pet adoption. Not just you are saving the life but there’re a lot of emotional and health benefits of adopting the pet. Spending a little time with the pet is proven to decrease high blood pressure as well as help with the relaxation. The senior citizens and kids with the pets are less possible to suffer depression and illness. Although there’re different benefits that are involved with adopting the pet, understand and plan your situation before you choose to adopt a pet.

Benefits of Adopting the Pets:

The good choice for the people that are new to adopting animals will be adopting adult pet. It is fantastic for a lot of reasons. It solves problem of training the new animal for getting them used to your house. Also, the adoption shelters train and teach animals before providing them to you. Thus, new owners of a pet won’t need to deal with major problems that new pet owners face like obedience training and chewing. So, by adopting animal from the shelter, individual is saving life of the pet. Applicant just needs to pay onetime fee for the adoption that is quite modest. In many cases the fee covers spaying, neutering, or other essential vaccinations. The normal pet stores will charge more money than the pet adoption centers. One great benefit of adopting pet is most of the pet adoption shelters give the lifetime pet counseling besides an ability to attend the local social events. The pet adoption is one great opportunity for the people who want to adopt pet without even having to worry of problems that people may encounter when getting the animal from pet store.

Select breed that matches to your lifestyle. Consider breed who likes to run like greyhound and whippet. Sporting breeds abound in animal shelters, very often turning out diamonds in rough. Finally, look for the new dogs care. Suppose you follow these simple steps, you will not just be saving life of the beautiful animal, but you will also be entering in the new friendship. So, thank you for adopting a pet- with responsible pet owners, we all have the chance to make this world a better place to live!

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